iPhone settings to save power

Am clearing old images from my iPhone, getting ready for iPhone 6.
Putting this up to remind myself what I did when I got the 5s previously.

This might be outdated after the next few iOS updates. I think it’s already outdated since this was captured one year ago!







This was screen captured on 27 Sept 2013.

Free Wifi at Westin Singapore

Another collection to the places with free Wifi in Singapore. If you happen to dine here, you can connect to their Free Wifi.

Westin Singapore Wifi

They are using NTT docomo for the back end.
Westin Singapore Wifi
This is valid as of January 2014

If you happen to be staying here like we did, the wifi in the room is payable. you get free wifi at the restaurants, pool area, lounge, lobby.

Wifi at Westin Singapore



Accidental Roaming

It’s common to be accidently caught roaming while in Singapore.




This was at St John Island in Singapore.
Accidently roamed to Telkomsel in Indonesia.


iPad App: Flipboard

Since I got my iPad in June from the UK, I have been downloading all sorts of Apps. I downloaded this last night and I am instantly bought over!

It’s called Flipboard. http://www.flipboard.com/
It transform the way you read social news. There are many social news you can read, but I use it mainly for twitter. The Facebook connection is overcapacity so I cant load it in yet.

Here are some screen capture:

The “Contents” page of the Flipboard.


When you tap on the “Twitter Box”, it searches for tweets in your account.
It will pull out and expand the tweets!


It is clever enough to randomly expand some tweets. You can see as you ‘flip’ through the pages (like how you flip pages in iBook), it shows older tweets.


This pages shows just the usual tweets probably because there was no URL in their tweets.


If you tap on the tweets, it will ‘pop up’ and expand the tweet.
You can then reply or see who else has replied to a particular tweet.


How cool is that?
You will never read tweets the old way again!

If you want to see more, this YouTube is from Flipboard themselves.