Connecting to the NUS Wifi for the iPad

You have an iPad and you are wondering how you can connect it to the NUS Wifi network for faster surfing. The are 2 SSIDs that appears when you turn on Wifi on your iPad. NUS and NUSOPEN.

NUSOPEN is ‘not so secure’ and slower, so most staff and students do not want to use it. They would prefer to connect to NUS. But NUS uses PEAP protocol. So connecting to it is not so simple. If you want to connect to the NUS Network using the NUS SSID, here are the instructions.

You would first need to download this file(Filename: NUSWifi.mobileconfig, you can view it using any text editor to see the contents, to prove that it’s not anything malicious)
To get the file into your iPad, the easiest way is to email it to yourself.

When you open your email, tap on the file and it will prompt you for installation.

Step 1: Open and config file, prompt appears

When you tap on “Install”, the following pop up appears.
Usually “Install Now” appears, but since I have installed it before, it says “Replace”.

Step 2: Press Install and Pop Up screen appears. Choose replace or install

When prompted to enter  username, enter your NUSNET ID.
(you do not need the NUSSTU or NUSSTF)
Update Aug 2010: You might now need to add in NUSSTU\NUSNETID or NUSSTF\NUSNETID

Step 3: Enter NUSNET ID

Next, enter your NUSNET password.
(the password is saved on your iPad and not sent anywhere)

Step 4: Enter NUSNET Password

It will save the info you entered into your iPad and the profile is installed.
Tap on Done.

Step 5: Prompt appears, config installed. Press Done.

Turn on your Wi-Fi, and select NUS.

Step 6: Turn on Wifi and choose NUS.

A prompt appears and it asks if you want to accept the certificate.
I wonder why the certificate’s CA is not verified. You might want to ask Computer Centre.
(Probably to save cost, they are using cheapo certs!)

Step 7: Accept the Ase2 server cert. You are connected to NUS Wifi.

That is it! You are connected to the NUS Wifi SID: NUS.

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  1. The certs are real, actually, and from a very expensive provider. The question should be why some wireless clients continue to want to ask. (Not just the iPads…)

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